iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

A consolidated position among the leaders

 Hopefully you will find here everything you need, including products, technical support and trust. These are the real components of a complete partnership. If needed, please contact us. We are always here to help you.

Grupo iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

Our Values


Investing in market demand for electric-electronic and ensure our presence in the future of our customers, suppliers and employees.Build lasting relationships and generate good business for our partners.

Our mission

Our mission is to participate actively in the process of technological development of our clients with a level of
exemplary competency in our care in order to provide them with global competitiveness.

Itech Quality Policy

  • Continuous improvement of our internal systems
  • Develop our relationships with competence in search of stable partnerships.
  • Technical sales team well trained and ready to serve our customers;
  • Provide de products with better costs, speed, quiality and realibity;
  • Encouraging professional development of our employees;
  • Transparency, integrity and professional ethics in providing our services;
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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos