iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

A consolidated position among the leaders

 Hopefully you will find here everything you need, including products, technical support and trust. These are the real components of a complete partnership. If needed, please contact us. We are always here to help you.

Grupo iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

Itech History

The Itech is a strong company operating with an large experience, acting in the eletronic components market, Compromised to offer efficient products and solutions in the technology market, distributing eletronic components, wireless solutions and flash memories for all Brazil and Latin America.

The Itech headquarter is a complex in São Paulo, with a well planned organizational structure to understand the individual needs and requirements of our clients, and a portfolio of over 18,000 itens of eletronic components, Modems, and a lot of tools for wireless network and a lot of kinds of flash memories to increase the memory capacity, records and transfer dates of eletronic devices.

Since our foundation, the Itech team is dedicated to offer high quality products for a competitive price, and an excelente customer service for all clients, through one specialized team of market, personalized services and technical support for wireless network projects, and high trained professionals.

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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos