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A consolidated position among the leaders

Hopefully you will find here everything you need, including products, technical support and trust. These are the real components of a complete partnership. If needed, please contact us. We are always here to help you.

Grupo iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

Electronic Components Division

Our team of engineers is always ready to assist in the development of any project in electronics. The technical support team also offers regular courses on our product line to our customers can learn about what is latest in electronics in the world.

Among our main features, we like to mention:

Support in the search for electronic components to enable better cost-benefit to our customers, offering better market competitiveness

Assistance in project development for the customer to enter your product as quickly as possible in market

A connection between the manufacturer and the customer for an optimization of the electronic components selected

Assistance for technical questions about the project, whether hardware or software

When developing a new project, contact our team of engineers to learn the news of the market.

This way, we can help the clientes on the best solution for your product.

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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos