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The Freescale Cup Kit is ready to order!

The Freescale Cup car kit is ready to be ordered for the Brazil competition. This year you will be able to acquire it locally with the Freescale Distributor ITECH. The price is lower than at since the competition sponsors part of the TFC-KIT Cost.
The cost is 130 USD. Follow this link to make your order:
[ITECH Link for purchase]

• Rugged 1/18th scale car - includes frame, tires and shocks
• Dual 5A H-Bridge configuration for maximum power
• Futaba Steering Servo
• Texas Advanced Optical Solutions Linear Scan Sensor
• Kinetis L Freescale Freedom Platform
• Or Request the TRK-MPC560xB development board.

Please visit and subscribe to our Community for all the competition information.

Para adquirir o TFC-KIT Freescale entrem em contato:

Tel: (11) 3350-0200 R. 222 - Diego

Let the race begin!

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